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I'm a UX researcher & designer who explores human experience to better people’s lives and grow businesses.

At Newsela, I interviewed educators, conducted usability testing, and iterated on the prototype for the Educator Center. On Best Buy's employee experience team, I've sharpened my skill with question framing, mixed-methodology research, and storytelling. All of these experiences allowed me to do what I love — uncover insights that help improve people’s day-to-day lives and solve problems.

I am interested not only in the user's point of view, but in the philosophy of design and the social implications of product-making. I am passionate about learning people's stories. I believe good research starts with deeply understanding the problem and embracing ambiguity. In my free time, you might find me learning about languages, playing guitar, or enjoying some salsa (the dance, the music, or the food – all equally outstanding).

Current Favorite UX Reading:
Dscout's People Nerds Blog - Conversations with top researchers and designers.

Other Cool Stuff I Like:
Absurd Design - A fun twist on illustrations for the web.
Flowing Data - Data visualization and learning around current events.
Farnam Street - Articles, podcasts, and a learning community around mental models, bias, and other topics related to psychology.

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